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Customized Accommodations Support: The MyJAN Portal

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Employers of all sizes turn to the Job Accommodation Network for expert and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations for employees and job seekers with disabilities, mental health conditions and those recovering from COVID-19 who need long-term or temporary supports. This ODEP-funded resource offers an information-rich website housing countless tools and resources as well as free one-on-one technical assistance.

What sets JAN apart is its focus on customized solutions for specific situations. Now, JAN has taken this focus on customization a step further, allowing JAN customers to personalize their view of the JAN website and organize resources according to their needs and interests.

The MyJAN portal is a new online tool that offers website users customized access to the site's resources. It allows you to organize and save your frequently accessed JAN resources, newsletter articles, accommodation solutions by disability and more in one convenient location. It also automatically updates when URLs change.

By offering quick access to the JAN resources you trust, the MyJAN portal will help you navigate the interactive process, explore job accommodation solutions and learn about Americans with Disabilities Act rights and responsibilities. It’s your key to working smarter and faster while never missing a new JAN resource that matters to you.

Learn more about JAN or register for a MyJAN account.