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Exploring "The Future of Work"

Whether you consider yourself an early or late adopter, there’s no denying that drastic advances in technology are continually changing the way we all live, play and, perhaps most of all, work. The advent of virtual offices, real-time collaboration and the "gig economy" all offer new and exciting opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to expand profits, not office space.

These new ways of working also have the power to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities—if the technology powering them is accessible, that is.

To explore how such emerging workplace trends are impacting, or have the power to impact, the employment of people with disabilities, the ODEP-funded Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) recently launched a free podcast series. "The Future of Work" podcast series is being produced in partnership with the human resources web portal and features a wide range of experts in technology and disability issues. Recent topics run the gamut from how technology is driving inclusive hiring at tech giant Cisco, to machine learning and artificial intelligence, to how laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to a freelance or project-based workforce connected by technology.

In the spirit of accessibility, each installment in the podcast series can be accessed via audio file or written transcript. So, tune in anytime, from anywhere to learn about the future of work, today.

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