Increasing Access and Opportunity


Poster Description

The background color of the 2020 poster is royal blue. All lettering is gold. To the left, in upper case letters, is the theme INCREASING ACCESS AND OPPORTUNITY. Under the theme in upper and lower case lettering are the words Celebrating 30 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under this statement is blue space.

At the bottom left are four elements:

  • Two logos side-by-side: 30th/ADA ANNIVERSARY 75th/NDEAM ANNIVERSARY
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • #ADA30 | #NDEAM75 |
  • DOL’s logo with the following, in upper case letters, to its right: OFFICE OF DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT POLICY UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

To the right, cascading down to the bottom of the poster, are triangular shapes containing images of people with a range of disabilities working in various settings.

Poster Availability

Versions of the poster are available in English and Spanish for both download and mail order.

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NDEAM 2020 poster:

NDEAM 2020 poster: