Human Resource Center Organization Chart

The Office of Human Resources is under the leadership of the Chief Human Capital Officer and Director of Human Resources, Sydney T. Rose, who oversees the Deputy Director (currently vacant), the Director of HR Programs and Operations, (currently vacant), and Special Assistant, (currently vacant). The Director of HR Programs and Operations, (currently vacant) oversees the Office of Human Resources Consulting and Operations Director (currently vacant), the Office of Position Classification and Position Management Director, (currently vacant), and the Office of Retirement and Benefits Services Director, Ann Lindsay.

The Director of Human Resources oversees the following staff and programs: the Office of Administrative Services Director, Donna Childs-Speight; the Office of HR Policy and Accountability Director Kristin Siegfried; the Office of Executive Resources Director, Lucy Cunningham; the Office of Worklife, Leave and Pay Policy Director, Maria Jordan; the Office of HR Works and HR Systems Director, LaRell Faulkner; the Office of Employee Engagement Director, Kristin McNally; and the Office of Employee and Labor Relations Director, Shawn Hooper. Ms. McNally oversees the Training and Development program led by Kim Lacey and the Diversity and Inclusion program led by (currently vacant). Mr. Hooper oversees the Labor Relations program led by Sheila DeMartino and the Employee Relations program led by Cecimil Maldonado.