Human Resource Center Organization Chart

The Office of Human Resources is under the leadership of the Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) Sydney T. Rose, who oversees the Deputy CHCO, Carin Otero, the Client Engagement Manager, Jon Sebastian, and the Administrative Officer, Doug Robins.

The Deputy CHCO, Carin Otero, oversees the Division Chief of Staffing, Holly Coffey-Flynn; Division Chief of Employee & Labor Management Relations, Shawn Hooper; Division Chief of Executive Resources, Demeatric Gamble; Division Chief of Policy & Accountability, Kristin Siegfried; Division Chief of Human Resources Information Systems, LaRell Faulkner; Division Chief of Budget & Programs, Donna Childs-Speight; Division Chief of Classification and Analytics, Heather Holley; Division Chief of Compensation, Retirement, & Benefits, Ann Lindsay; Division Chief of Worklife & Engagement, Maria Jordan; and Division Chief of Workforce Development & Inclusion, Dyan Bullock.

Ms. Coffey-Flynn, Division Chief of Staffing, oversees the: Boston Branch Chief, Robert Spencer; Chicago Branch Chief, Benita Parks; Dallas Branch Chief, Justin Cubillos; and, Philadelphia Branch Chief, Constance Jones-Pearson.

Mr. Hooper, Division Chief of Employee & Labor Management Relations, oversees the: Performance Management Branch Chief, Agnes Olender; Employee Relations Branch Chief, Laura Teresinski; Labor Relations Branch Chief, Sheila DeMartino; and Acting Investigations Branch Chief, Laura Teresinski.

Ms. Holley, Division Chief of Classification and Analytics, oversees the: Transformation and Strategy Branch Chief, Tonya Shanahan; Organizational Assessment Branch Chief, Kristin McAfee; and Workforce Analytics Branch Chief, Cathy Cestone.