Public Submissions for Child Labor & Forced Labor Reporting

The Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, & Human Trafficking (OCFT) receives submissions of information on child labor and forced labor from a broad range of constituents, including foreign governments, businesses and industry associations, and civil society organizations. Some of these are sent in response to specific requests for information, such as OCFT's annual Federal Register Notice requesting information for the Trade and Development Act (TDA) report, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) List and the Executive Order 13126 (EO) List.  Some fall under the public comment and submission processes described in OCFT's Procedural Guidelines for the TVPRA and EO Lists. OCFT welcomes any relevant information on an ad-hoc and ongoing basis.

In addition, ILAB's Office of Trade and Labor Affairs accepts public submissions related to labor issues under U.S. free trade agreements.  If interested in this type of submission, please visit our Submissions under the Labor Provisions of Free Trade Agreements page  


Title Submitter Date of Receipt Sort ascending
Government of Madagascar Submission for the USDOL Worst Forms of Child Labor Report Embassy of Madagascar 01/03/2016
Information on Brazil's Commitment to Responsible Labor Conditions for Sugarcane Workers União da Indústria de Cana-de-Açúcar (UNICA) 12/23/2015
Vietnam's Efforts on Child Labor and Forced Labor Elimination 12/22/2015
Información de Avances Sobre Responsabilidad Social Empresarial y el Trabajo Infantil en el Azúcar de Guatemala Azúcar de Guatemala 12/21/2015
Brazilian Leather Industry: a Brief Profile Centro das Indústrias de Curtumes do Brasil (CICB) 12/20/2015
Re: Comments to Notice of Request for Information on Reports issued by the Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) Associação Brasileira da Indústria Têxtil e de Confecção (ABIT) 12/17/2015
GUATEMALAN REPORT 2015 09 - Under the Procedural Guidelines for the Development and Maintenance of the List of Goods from Countries Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor / Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) List Cámara del Agro 12/17/2015
Comments to Notice of Request for Information on Reports issued by ILAB Embassy of Costa Rica 11/29/2015
Preliminary Survey on the Labour Situation in Malaysian Oil Palm Plantations: Final Report Malaysian Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities 11/26/2015
ABIT Submission Associação Brasileira da Indústria Têxtil e de Confecção (ABIT) 07/01/2015
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ILAB accepts public submissions for the TVPRA List on an ongoing basis, and reviews them as they are received. Submissions will continue to be taken into account as ILAB works to release periodic updates to the List.

To submit information, please send an email to; fax to 202-693-4830; or mail to ILAB, U.S. Department of Labor, c/o OCFT Research and Policy Unit, 200 Constitution Ave. NW, S-5317, Washington, DC 20210.