QUESTION: If I disagree with my Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) decision, what is the process/procedures and the necessary documents needed for filing an appeal?

ANSWER: If you disagree with a decision or order issued by an ALJ pursuant to one of the Acts over which the BRB has appellate jurisdiction, you may file an appeal of that decision or order with the Board by filing a notice of appeal with the Board. The notice of appeal should contain the full name and address of the person filing the appeal, the full name of the injured, disabled or deceased employee, the full names and addresses of all other parties (including employers, carriers, etc.), and the full name and address of any attorney or other person who is representing the petitioner. The notice of appeal should also contain the case number assigned by the ALJ, claimant's OWCP number, the date of filing of the decision or order being appealed, and whether a motion for reconsideration has been filed with the ALJ. Following the filing of the notice of appeal, the Board will issue a letter acknowledging its receipt of the appeal, and setting the briefing schedule. Any party forwarding correspondence to the Board should include an original and two copies of the document.