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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Government Contracts

Wage Surveys

When initiating a wage survey, WHD sends out survey forms to interested parties and any contractors identified as working on projects in the survey area during the designated time frame. Data may also be submitted by any other contractors and interested parties. The Form WD-10 is used to submit data for DBRA wage surveys. All submitted survey data is analyzed, clarified, and reviewed by staff in the five regional offices of WHD. In order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data submitted, a two step verification process is used.

Upon completion of the verification process, and after any necessary changes are made, prevailing wage rates are calculated. WHD calculates the basic hourly rate first and then calculates any prevailing fringe benefits.

The regulations define the prevailing wage rate as the rate paid to the majority of workers in a classification. If the same rate is not paid to a majority of workers, then a weighted average is calculated. In determining fringe benefits, WHD determines in the classification if there is a prevailing practice of paying a fringe benefit. If a majority of the workers in the classification are not paid a fringe benefit, no fringe benefit will be calculated. If a majority of workers are paid fringe benefits, then the fringe benefit will be calculated in a manner similar to the basic rate calculation. If a majority of the reported workers receive the same fringe benefit, then that fringe benefit will prevail. If the same fringe benefit is not paid to a majority of the reported workers, a weighted average is calculated.

Wage rates often are calculated and issued on a county basis. If there is insufficient data to issue a rate on a county basis, then the geographic area used to determine prevailing wage rates may be expanded. 29 CFR Part 1.7

There are minimum sufficiency requirements that must be met to publish a classification and rate on a WD. If a classification or particular rate does not appear on a WD, it is because insufficient information was received for that classification or rate during the survey process. After completion, survey results are tabulated on WD-22 (Wage Compilation) and on WD-22a (Project Compilation) by Wage and Hour Staff. After tabulation, survey results are then submitted for publication. The web site (Wage Determinations On-Line) contains copies of all published wage determinations.

A listing of surveys planned, ongoing, completed, and published by state is available on the survey status map. If you wish to participate in one of the ongoing surveys, please contact the regional contact person listed for that survey.