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Office of the Chief Financial Officer
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Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Office of the Chief Financial Officer Organization Chart: Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Chief Financial Officer with reporting units of Administrative Services, Internal Control, Office of Fiscal Integrity, and Office of Financial Systems.  The Office of Fiscal Integrity has reporting units of Financial Reporting, Financial Compliance, Financial policy and Analysis, Central Accounting Operations, and Client Accounting Services.  The Office of Financial Systems has reporting units of payroll Systems Support, production Support and Systems Administration, Systems Architecture and Development, and Quality Assurance and Security.

Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (ODCFO)

Administrative Service (ODCFO)

The Administrative Services team provides the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) support for internal human resource procurement, budgetary, and other administrative services so that OCFO operates efficiently.

Internal Control (ODCFO)

The Internal Control team performs an annual assessment of internal controls for financial systems under OMB Circular A-123, Appendix A and an annual measurement and reporting of improper payments under the Improper payments Information Act of 2002 and OMB Circular A-123, Appendix C.

Office of Fiscal Integrity (OFI)

OFI ensures that the Department adheres to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility by providing services to enhance the financial management of the Department including: preparation of financial statements, timely resolution of audit issuess, issuance of Departmental financial policy, processing and analysis of centralized accounting transactions, and the provision of agency-specific accounting services.

Division of Financial Reporting (OFI)

This Division prepares the Department's quaterly and annual financial statements, oversees external and internal financial reporting, monitors budgetary and proprietary accounts, performs reconciliations, and monitors compliance with the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board and Generally Accepted Accounting principles requirements.

Division of Financial Compliance (OFI)

This Division manages the Department's financial audit resolution and remediation programs, oversees development of management and legal representation letters, manages internal and external financial scorecard process, and prepares financial components of the annual performance and Accountability Report.

Division of Financial policy and Analysis (OFI)

This Division develops Department-wide policies, procedures, and standards for financial management areas such as travel, cash management, credit management, debt management, and payment and disbursement activities and functions.

Division of Central Accounting Operations (OFI)

This Division manages Department-wide accounting functions, including maintenance and security of the Department’s core financial management accounting system, cash and payroll reconciliation, allotment and warrant monitoring, and administration of the Department’s Intra-Governmental payment and Collection System and cancelled check programs.

Division of Client Accounting Services (OFI)

This Division controls financial operations for accounting and payments, providing services which include assistance with grants management, capitalized assets, e-Gov Travel and other General Services Administration and U.S. Department of the Treasury initiatives and requirements.

Office of Financial Systems (OFS)

The Office of Financial Systems (OFS) provides state of the art technology to ensure the delivery of reliable, consistent, and timely financial information for DOL management, the president, other Cabinet agencies, and Congress. In addition, OFS develops, maintains, and operates DOL's core financial management system and related centralized financial systems.

Division of payroll Systems Support (OFS)

This Division is responsible for the maintenance of the Departmental system that includes the in-house time and attendance application and online human resources applications. The Division also maintains the Department’s electronic interfaces with its third-party payroll service provider and is responsible for processing third-party debt collection, including child support payments, garnishments, and tax levies.

Division of production Support and System Administration (OFS)

This is responsible for full system development life cycle support which includes planning, requirements gathering, analysis, development, testing, implementation, operations, maintenance and disposition support for all OCFO information systems.

Division of Quality Assurance Security (OFS)

This Division performs information security and quality assurance duties for all OCFO IT systems to meet or exceed federally mandates of the Federal Information Security Management Act, Federal Information System Control Audit, and OMB Circular A-123 internal control requirements.

Division of System Architecture and Development (OFS)

This Division is responsible for the maintenance of the Department’s core financial management system and related systems in including the Departmental managerial cost accounting system. The division ensures the OCFO enterprise architecture complies with the Department’s framework and maintains a configuration process for all OCFO systems.