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Employees' Compensation Appeals Board
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The Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB) is pleased to announce that effective August 1, 2014, electronic filing (e-Filing) and electronic service (e-Service) will be available to all parties that appear before this Board via the DOL Appeals Electronic File and Service Request (EFSR) system. The EFSR portal may be used to (1) file new appeals electronically; (2) file briefs and motions electronically; (3) receive electronic service of documents; and (4) check the status of pending appeals. The EFSR system is part of an ongoing effort to utilize technology to improve the customer-service experience.

According to Acting Chair and Chief Judge Patricia Howard Fitzgerald, "This process will save appellants and representatives the time and expenses associated with mailing or hand-delivering documents. There are no longer restrictions to file paperwork on a Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. time frame. The e-filing window is available 24 hours per day, every day." An e-Filing is date stamped and considered received by the Board as soon as the document is transmitted, even if submitted late at night or on a weekend. The e-Filer will receive an automated confirmation email verifying the date and time of filing. Once filed, the document is handled in the same manner as though it were filed in paper form.

An e-Filer must first register as an EFSR user at and the registration must be confirmed by the Board before filing any document. A valid email address is required for registration. Once registered, an e-Filer can file an appeal, check the status of a pending appeal, and/or select the option to receive service of decisions or orders electronically. If the e-Filer has a representative, the representative can also register as a user of the EFSR system.

E-Filing/e-Service is voluntary – ECAB will continue to accept all documents in hard copy form from parties who choose not to use the EFSR system.

For additional information on the DOL Appeals EFSR system, including a step-by-step user guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit:

For additional information on ECAB, including general information, the Board’s Rules and Procedures, and prior Board decisions, please visit:

For technical inquiries concerning your e-filing/e-Service experience, contact EFSR technical support at: