The U.S. Department of Labor has been informed of the possible fraudulent use of the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB) name by entities trying to gain access to individuals’ financial and other private information. Individuals, living both within the United States and overseas, have been contacted and informed that their name is on "a list" for the receipt of benefits from the ECAB.

Please note that the ECAB is an appellate board and does not pay any monetary benefits directly. Unsolicited phone calls or other correspondence regarding the receipt of “benefits” from the ECAB should be reported to the U.S Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General at 202-693-6999 or 1-800-347-3756, or by filling out an online inquiry at This website provides additional information and links for reporting fraudulent activity. For general questions call our case inquiry number at 1-866-487-2365.