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Administrative Review Board
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Paul M. Igasaki, Chair

Paul Igasaki was appointed Chair & Chief Judge of the Administrative Review Board in February, 2010. He was previously Deputy CEO of Equal Justice Works, a non-profit public interest organization. From 1994 to 2002 he served as Chair, Vice Chair and Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission appointed by President Bill Clinton. He also served as Executive Director of Asian Law Caucus, a San Francisco-based civil rights firm; as Washington Representative of the Japanese American Citizens League, a civil rights organization; as liaison to Asian Americans for the Mayor of Chicago and counsel to the Chicago Commission on Human Relations; as Staff Director of the American Bar Association pro bono project; and as Staff Attorney and Fellow to Legal Services of Northern California in Sacramento. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and King Hall, the University of California, Davis Law School.

E. Cooper Brown, Vice Chair

E. Cooper Brown was appointed Vice Chair and Deputy Chief Judge of the Administrative Review Board in January, 2010. Prior to his appointment, Judge Brown served as Chief Administrative Appeals Judge of the District of Columbia’s Compensation Review Board, responsible for agency appellate adjudication of workers’ disability compensation claims. Judge Brown previously served as an administrative appeals judge with the ARB during the Clinton Administration. Prior to his government service Judge Brown was a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Cummins & Brown. His private practice, which commenced in Hawaii following graduation from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1974, includes over twenty-five years of experience before federal and state courts in the areas of labor and employment law, disability compensation, constitutional and administrative law, veterans’ rights, personal injury torts, and environmental law.

Joanne Royce, Member

Joanne Royce was appointed to the Administrative Review Board in July 2010. Royce has worked as a public interest attorney for over 2 decades. Prior to joining the Board, she worked for several years on the Hill - as senior counsel first for the House Energy and Commerce Committee and later for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Prior to her government service, Royce worked for 15 years with the Government Accountability Project (GAP), a non-profit law firm which represents whistleblowers. At GAP, she served as a program director, senior litigator and finally as General Counsel.

Luis A. Corchado, Member

Luis A. Corchado was appointed to the Administrative Review Board in July 2010. Just before, he was the Director of Litigation in the Denver City Attorney’s Office, which handled civil rights and employment litigation. Corchado served as an administrative law judge for the State of Colorado, presiding over a couple hundred hearings involving various state agencies and benefits. Before being an ALJ, Corchado also served years as a commissioner for the Colorado Real Estate Commission and reviewed ALJ initial decisions. He dedicated years to the Colorado Hispanic League, even as President, followed by 13 successive years as the chair of the Public Policy Committee of the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association. He graduated from Cedarville College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School and did civil litigation for over 20 years in federal, state and administrative courts.

Lisa Wilson Edwards, Member

Lisa Wilson Edwards was appointed to the Administrative Review Board in March 2011. Prior to her appointment, Edwards was an Appellate Attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice for 19 years, where she filed briefs and presented oral arguments representing the United States and federal agencies in the United States Courts of Appeals. She has litigated cases in a variety of areas, including employment, criminal, education, housing, institutional reform litigation, and voting. She also assisted the U.S. Solicitor General in the preparation of cases litigated in the United States Supreme Court, and advised the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights on positions taken by the United States in civil rights matters. During 2010, Edwards served as Deputy Associate Counsel for Personnel in the Office of Presidential Personnel at the White House. Edwards graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1988, and from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Government in 1984.