This section of the Employment and Living with HIV/AIDS Toolkit provides information to assist employers in understanding issues related to hiring and employing people living with HIV/AIDS.

If you are an employer, you may well have a person living with HIV/AIDS on staff, or you may in the future. Many are in their prime working years, and from an employment perspective, they may offer a range of positive qualities. Problem solving, adaptability, resilience, strength and resolve are some of the key attributes that characterize many people living with HIV/AIDS.

When it comes to HIV/AIDS and employment, preparation and fairness are the keys to maximizing productivity and working within the law. Many employers have had success hiring and working with people living with HIV/AIDS. Federal tax incentives and tailored consulting are available to assist when questions do arise, and disability laws have worked well in serving both employers and employees by refining best practices. People living with HIV/AIDS have been productive, successful employees for years, often without their employers knowing their HIV/AIDS status.

Employers do not need to be experts! This toolkit offers a variety of resources to assist them in understanding issues related to living with HIV/AIDS in the workplace context. Specifically, it describes three main strategies of action steps employers can take, along with resources to assist them in doing so. Select one to learn more: