Students and other temporary employees are generally not entitled to federal benefits

Demographic, Administrative, and Other Forms

Form Number
(if applicable)
Form Description
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
SF-144 Statement of Prior Federal Service
  * Employee Address Form (for Bureau of Labor Statistics transfer employees only)
W-4 Federal Withholding Form
  * State Tax Withholding Forms
FMS-2231 * Fast Start Direct Deposit
DL1-65 Emergency Information
SF-181 Ethnicity and Race Identification
  * Guide to Personnel Data Standards
  * Highest Education Level
SF-1152 Designation of Beneficiary — Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Federal Employee
  Statement of Selective Service (if necessary)
DL1-7007 Previous Investigations Check (PIC)
OF-306 Declaration for Federal Employment

* These forms cannot be auto-filled. You must print them out and fill-out manually.