The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) recognizes that excellent case management, content management and data analytics solutions pave the way to adopting emerging technologies.touchscreen device

American citizens look to us to provide solutions with enhanced reliability, security and resiliency in today’s ever-changing landscape. To meet this expectation, OCIO designed, engineered, and implemented the DOL IT Platform, with modernized case management and data analytics capabilities.

Moving toward a common platform helps the Department provide faster application delivery, reduced operations and maintenance costs, and an increased cyber security posture. The Platform offers one connected location for transferring data across applications and agencies. It’s flexible, mobile, and agile in helping staff work efficiently and effectively.

The DOL IT Platform enhances the user experience by offering the following features to Department agencies:

  • Enterprise Data Analytics Platform – combines data across different agency applications to support evidence-based decisions

  • Enterprise Case Management Platform – features Google geocoding, SharePoint integration, and Single Sign-On services

  • Content Management Platform – provides flexibility to meet real-time customer demand through elastic, scalable solutions

  • DOL Cloud Services – offers efficiency, agility, innovation, and sustainability for agency applications, hosted by the DOL Cloud

  • Enterprise Scanning Capability – features imaging and document submission portals

  • Enterprise Service Management – automated management of services such as human resources and procurement to reduce operational costs

The DOL IT Platform consolidates the Department’s case management systems by investing in a cloud-based environment. Three recently consolidated case management systems include:

  1. Correspondence Tracking System – tracks the status of the Department’s Congressional correspondence in real-time, digitizing the clearance process

  2. Compliance Management System – helps the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs provide automated monitoring in major compliance evaluations, ensuring that contractors comply with affirmative action and nondiscrimination requirements

  3. Certificate Application Processing System – reduces Wage and Hour Division’s manual processes for filing Fair Labor Standards Act section 14(c) certificates

The Platform also offers centralized content management, which helped launch several tools that serve the U.S. workforce and retirees.

For example, the Apprenticeship Finder tool, hosted on the new, offers career-seekers a digital platform to search by city, state, and occupation. The tool connects job seekers to high-skilled, high-paying careers. It sifts through approximately 1.4 million job postings to pinpoint apprenticeships, and responds to live feedback from users.

Overall, the DOL IT Platform simplifies the user experience across the Department’s digital properties, helping customers access information more easily.