The Department of Labor’s Information Technology (IT) Governance Model represents how strategic decisions are made regarding the Department’s IT capabilities and services. The DOL IT Governance Model is visually represented in the diagram labeled Figure 1, DOL IT Governance Model.

Information Technology Governance Process

FIGURE 1: DOL IT Governance Model

The diagram presents three layers, "IT Planning and Execution Functions," "IT Advisory Functions," and "IT Decision Functions," which delineate responsibilities for the model's components.

The "IT Planning and Execution Functions" provide the Office of the Secretary and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) with forums to engage DOL agencies in developing and executing plans for delivering IT services and capabilities in support of DOL's mission.

  • OCIO leads Joint Business Planning (JBP) to collaboratively shape existing and future IT services with the agencies who use those services.
  • OCIO utilizes IT Programs, Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) and Supporting Roles to engage agency stakeholders, define program requirements, establish priorities, and maintain transparency in program and project activities. Supporting Roles provide a variety of services that enable OCIO activities such as client engagement, program and project management, innovation and pilot-testing, cybersecurity, financial operations, procurements, and asset management.

"IT Advisory Functions" provide DOL's leadership with the means to obtain advice and input on decisions that impact agency missions and the delivery of both enterprise-wide and agency-specific IT services.

  • OCIO's Demand Review Committee (DRC) reviews requests for IT capabilities submitted by the agencies and either matches the request to an existing solution or identifies the need to develop a new solution.
  • OCIO's Leadership Council (LC) provides a forum to share knowledge of ongoing efforts, review the performance of high-visibility and high-impact initiatives, and resolve operations challenges.
  • The Investment Review Board (IRB) provides oversight for IT services, investments, programs, initiatives, and resources for the Department's enterprise-wide and agency-specific technology needs. Membership of this Board includes DOL Agency Heads and Career Deputies or designees.
  • The IT Performance Review Board (ITPRB) provides review and feedback of the performance of OCIO-managed investments, initiatives, programs, and projects. Membership of this Board includes agency representatives with roles in IT performance, IT portfolios, and IT processes.

"IT Decision Functions" provide the strategic direction and decision support systems which allow the CIO to fulfill oversight requirements established by public laws and government regulations. The CIO has direct access to the Office of the Secretary to fulfill responsibilities assigned by the Clinger Cohen Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-106), the Federal IT Acquisition and Reform Act (FITARA) of 2014 (Public Law 113-291), and other regulations.

"IT Advisory Functions" and "IT Decision Functions" interact with the DOL Working Capital Fund (WCF) Advisory Board and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (OASAM) Client Advisory Board.

  • The WCF Advisory Board operates advises the Deputy Secretary of Labor on using WCF funds to support Department-wide shared services strategies and goals.
  • The OASAM Client Advisory Board aligns the delivery of shared services with the Department's mission and priorities, and provides a mechanism for information-sharing, gathering input, and enabling collaborative accountability between shared services providers and customers.

Appendix A – Figure 1: DOL IT Governance Model (December 2023) (Accessible Version)

IT Decision Functions

Office of the Secretary of Labor, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

IT Advisory Functions

OCIO Leadership Council, Demand Review Committee (DRC), IT Investment Review Board (IRB), IT Performance Review Board (ITPRB)

IT Planning and Execution Functions

Joint Business Planning (JBP) Meetings, IT Projects and Integrated Project Teams (IPTs)

IT Decision Functions and IT Advisory Functions

Working Capital Fund (WCF) Advisory Board, OASAM Client Advisory Board

IT Advisory Functions and IT Planning and Execution Functions Supporting Roles

Business Owners (Agencies), System Owners, Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure Operations, IT Financial Operations, IT Procurement/Acquisitions, IT Investment Managers, Administrative Support

Last updated: December 22, 2023