Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: May I present my case to the Board in person?

ANSWER: Oral argument is held at the discretion of the Board.  A request for oral argument must be submitted in writing to the Clerk’s office and specify the issue(s) to be argued.  The request must be made no later than 60 days after filing the appeal. An appeal in which oral argument is not granted will proceed to a written decision based on the case record. If oral argument is granted, the Clerk’s office will notify appellant and a representative for the Director of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs at least 30 days prior to the argument as to the date set and issues determined for argument. In such situation, 30 minutes is allowed for argument. Click here for HTML or PDF version of the new regulations. For all decisions issued prior to that date, the old regulations will apply. Please note that under both the Rules:

  • The Board does not reimburse any costs associated with attending oral argument.
  • The Board exercises appellate review of the OWCP’s final decision and new evidence may not be introduced at argument.
  • Oral argument must be confined to the evidence of record. There is no provision for the introduction of testimony, questioning of witnesses or a transcription of the argument.