Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How do I file an appeal?

ANSWER: To file an appeal with the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board (the Board), complete the Board’s AB-1 Form and submit it to the Board, including name, address, zip code, telephone number, the date of the OWCP decision that is being appealed (this is most important), the OWCP claim number and a succinct statement as to why OWCP’s decision is incorrect. If you do not have access to the (AB-1) Form , please provide the above information to the Board in letter format.

You do not need to have a representative, but if you choose to be represented on appeal, please also include the name of your representative with his or her address and telephone number.

To be effective, the appeal must be filed with the Board, not OWCP. Please remember that the Board is a separate and independent agency within the Department of Labor.