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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

EEOICP Program Statistics

Last year, the DEEOIC deployed a new case management system for use by our claims staff. The new system is constructed differently than the previous system, and we determined that it was appropriate to re-examine our statistics and how they are displayed on the web site. For the past several months, we have been working on reconstructing the site and the statistics. Therefore, viewers may notice some differences in the web statistics.

The separate category for the non-covered applications has been removed and those counts are now included in the Final Decision counts. Although the number of posted denials appears to increase, there is not an increase in total numbers. Denials are being shown under a single category instead of being split into two separate counts.

In the past, on our state-by-state pages, medical bill payments were attributed to each state in which any claimant (including multiple survivors) on the case resided, resulting in an overstatement of the amount of medical bill payments in a given state. Medical bill payments are now being attributed to the state in which the employee resides. Although the National page total was not affected by this change, the current state medical totals will show a reduction from previously-reported amounts.

A list of definitions for the terms used on the EEOICP Program Statistics web pages is available here.

Data as of
Statistical data updated weekly on Mondays

Combined Part B and E Summary
Applications Filed 318,815 213,368 *
Total Compensation Paid - Payments 124,801 91,539
Combined Part B and E Dollar Amounts
Total Compensation Dollars Paid $12,063,231,834
Total Medical Bills Paid - Total Dollars $5,754,101,646
Total Compensation + Medical Bills Paid $17,817,333,480

* The above numbers of applications filed represent 126,997 unique individual workers.

Part B
Applications Filed 174,792 110,970
Final Decisions - Approved 86,738 55,888
Final Decisions - Denied 73,103 49,267
Final Decisions - Total 159,841 105,155
Compensation Paid - Payments 81,062 52,712
Part B Compensation Paid
Compensation Paid - Total Dollars $7,027,105,349

Part E
Applications Filed 144,023 102,398
Final Decisions - Approved 59,860 49,115
Final Decisions - Denied 69,106 45,508
Final Decisions - Total 128,966 94,623
Compensation Paid - Payments 43,739 38,827
Part E Compensation Paid
Compensation Paid - Total Dollars $5,036,126,485

Part B Cancer Cases - NIOSH and SEC Statistics
Part B - Status and Location of NIOSH Referrals
Cases Referred to NIOSH for Dose Reconstruction (DR) 52,994
Cases Returned by NIOSH - With Dose Reconstruction (DR) 44,709
Cases Returned by NIOSH - Without Dose Reconstruction (DR) *1 6,479
Cases Returned by NIOSH - Total 51,188
Cases Currently at NIOSH 1,806
Part B - Cases with Dose Reconstruction (DR) and Final Decision
Final Decision to Accept and Probability of Causation (POC) 50% or Greater 12,263
Final Decision to Deny and POC Less Than 50% 23,214
Final Decision - Total 35,477
Part B Cancer Cases with Final Decision to Accept *2
Accepted DR Cases - Cases Paid 11,099
Accepted DR Cases - Individual Claims Paid 15,490
Accepted DR Cases - Amount Paid $1,640,730,999
Accepted SEC Cases - Cases Paid 28,243
Accepted SEC Cases - Individual Claims Paid 45,897
Accepted SEC Cases - Amount Paid $4,215,920,805
Cases Accepted Based on SEC Status and POC 50% or Greater *3 - Cases Paid 1,128
Cases Accepted Based on SEC Status and POC 50% or Greater *3 - Individual Claims Paid 1,302
Cases Accepted Based on SEC Status and POC 50% or Greater *3 - Amount Paid $169,275,000
TOTALS: All Accepted SEC, DR Cases, and Combined - Cases Paid 40,470
TOTALS: All Accepted SEC, DR Cases, and Combined - Individual Claims Paid 62,689
TOTALS: All Accepted SEC, DR Cases, and Combined - Amount Paid $6,025,926,804

*1 Most cases without a DR are cases withdrawn from NIOSH for DOL review and approval based on a new SEC designation. Other reasons for withdrawal include administrative closure, death of claimant.

*2 Accepted Part B Cancer cases are defined as either a NIOSH or SEC approval; additional medical conditions could also be included within the Final Decision.

*3 For these cases at least one specified cancer was approved based on SEC employment and at least one other cancer was approved based on the DR process resulting in a POC of 50% or greater.