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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

Select from the following list of states to receive a  “Statistics by State” or "Statistics by Worksite" report.  If you wish to view statistics for a specific worksite, you need to know the worksite’s location (by state).  Select the appropriate state; then select the desired worksite. 

Please review the following important information before viewing a report. 



Q#1: Adding up the numbers for each worksite within a state will not produce totals equal to the numbers reported for the state in the “Statistics by State” portion of this report.  Why is that?

A#1: The “Statistics by State” section produces statistics based on the claimants’ reported mailing address at the time of filing a claim, whereas the “Statistics by Worksite” are based on reported employment.  A claimant whose state of residence is Tennessee but who reported covered employment at the Paducah, KY gaseous diffusion plant (GDP) will be counted as a Tennessee (not Kentucky) resident in the “Statistics by State” section, and as a claimant who worked at the Paducah, KY GDP in the “Statistics by Worksite” section.

Q#2: Adding the numbers for each worksite will produce totals that far exceed the total numbers shown on the “Program Statistics” page for EEOICP.  Why is that?

A#2: Many claimants report employment at more than one worksite.  Since we don’t identify a “primary” worksite, we are obliged to count such claims under each of the worksites reported.

For example,counts (dollars paid, number of claims, etc.) for an employee who worked at both the Oak Ridge K-25 and Y-12 facilities will be included on both worksite reports.  The resulting duplication of data does not occur in the “Statistics by State” reports, since a claimant has only one state of residence; nor does the duplication occur on the “Program Statistics” page, since this page is a straightforward summation of all claimant filings.

Alabama Iowa North Dakota
Alaska Kansas Northern Mariana Islands
American Samoa Kentucky Ohio
Arizona Louisiana Oklahoma
Arkansas Maine Oregon
Armed Forces Americas  (Except Canada) Marshall Islands Palau
Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, Canada, and Africa Maryland Pennsylvania
Armed Forces Pacific Massachusetts Puerto Rico
California Michigan Rhode Island
Colorado Minnesota South Carolina
Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota
Delaware Missouri Tennessee
District of Columbia Montana Texas
Federated States of Micronesia Nebraska Utah
Florida Nevada Vermont
Georgia New Hampshire Virgin Islands
Guam New Jersey Virginia
Hawaii New Mexico Washington
Idaho New York West Virginia
Illinois Non-USA State/Address Wisconsin
Indiana North Carolina Wyoming

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