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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

EEOICP Program Statistics

Select from the following list of states to receive a "Statistics by State" or "Statistics by Worksite" report. If you wish to view statistics for a specific worksite, you need to know the worksite's location (by state). Select the appropriate state; then select the desired worksite.

Please review the following important information before viewing a report.



Q#1: Adding up the numbers for each worksite within a state will not produce totals equal to the numbers reported for the state in the "Statistics by State" portion of this report. Why is that?

A#1: The "Statistics by State" section produces statistics based on the claimants' reported mailing address at the time of filing a claim, whereas the "Statistics by Worksite" are based on reported employment. A claimant whose state of residence is Tennessee but who reported covered employment at the Paducah, KY gaseous diffusion plant (GDP) will be counted as a Tennessee (not Kentucky) resident in the "Statistics by State" section, and as a claimant who worked at the Paducah, KY GDP in the "Statistics by Worksite" section.

Q#2: Adding the numbers for each worksite will produce totals that far exceed the total numbers shown on the "Program Statistics" page for EEOICP. Why is that?

A#2: Many claimants report employment at more than one worksite. Since we don't identify a "primary" worksite, we are obliged to count such claims under each of the worksites reported.

For example,counts (dollars paid, number of claims, etc.) for an employee who worked at both the Oak Ridge K-25 and Y-12 facilities will be included on both worksite reports. The resulting duplication of data does not occur in the "Statistics by State" reports, since a claimant has only one state of residence; nor does the duplication occur on the "Program Statistics" page, since this page is a straightforward summation of all claimant filings.

For a list of the top 20 facilities where the largest amount of benefits have been paid under the EEOIPCA, please click here: [The Top 20 Facilities]