CRC can only investigate allegations of discrimination within the programs it covers. This means that, if you have a complaint that is not related to discrimination, but rather is about the way the program is run or managed in general, you should contact the office that is in charge of that program.

Additionally, CRC does not enforce other labor laws, such as those that protect minimum wage, overtime pay, veterans’ preference and employee pensions. The following list can help you determine the DOL agency that may be able to assist you:

If you are concerned about workplace issues that are not related to discrimination, you will probably be better served by another DOL agency that deals with the specific issue. You can find a complete list of agencies at Many of these agencies enforce broader laws that apply to private employers. The Wage and Hour Division (WHD), for example, is committed to ensuring that workers are paid properly and for all of the hours that they work. You can find contact information for WHD local offices at