The Division of Personnel Security and Suitability (DPSS) is responsible for implementing a comprehensive and effective Personnel Security and Suitability Program for the Department of Labor. The DPSS EOD/Investigations team conducts pre-screening activities and initiates background investigations to evaluate the character and conduct of applicants, appointees, and contractors for the purpose of the adjudications team making suitability/fitness determinations under 5 CFR 731 (or equivalent), determines the eligibility of employees for national security positions under EO 13764, Amending the Civil Service Rules, EO 13488, and EO 13467 to Modernize the Executive Branch-wide Governance Structure and Process for Security Clearance, Suitability and Fitness for Employment, and Credentialing, and Related Matters, the eligibility for access to classified information under EO 12968, as amended, Access to Classified Information; EO 13526, as amended, National Security Information, and 5 CFR Part 1400, Designation of National Security Positions. DPSS also supports the Employment & Training Administration’s (ETA) Office of Job Corps (OJC) in providing background check services for prospective Job Corps students, which enables OJC to make admissions decisions under Title 1 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, 29 U.S.C. § 3195.