Child Labor and Forced Labor Reports


2020 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor:

Moderate Advancement

In 2020, Jamaica made moderate advancement in efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The government launched a national referral mechanism for child trafficking victims, and significantly increased the budget for the Program for Advancement through Health and Education from $70.7 million in 2019 to $100 million, an expansion that was supplemented with another $6.7 million after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also implemented the Child Labor Risk Identification Model, a preventative tool that identifies geographical areas and sectors with the highest probability of child labor. However, children in Jamaica are subjected to the worst forms of child labor, including in commercial sexual exploitation, sometimes as a result of human trafficking, and use in illicit activities. Children also engage in dangerous tasks in agriculture and street work. Although the government has laws prohibiting the use of children in some illicit activities, it does not provide higher penalties for using, procuring, or offering children for the production and distribution of drugs than penalties imposed for these same crimes when the victims are adults.

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