Child Labor and Forced Labor Reports

Congo, Republic of the

Congo, Republic of the
2020 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor:

Moderate Advancement

In 2020, the Republic of the Congo made moderate advancement in efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The government carried out prosecutions and achieved convictions of seven child traffickers and enacted standalone human trafficking legislation that defines the crime and provides for more stringent sentences. It also concluded a verbal agreement with the Democratic Republic of the Congo that prevents minors from entering the neighboring country without their parents or parental consent to help stop child trafficking between the two countries. However, children in the Republic of the Congo are subjected to the worst forms of child labor, including in commercial sexual exploitation and forced domestic work, each sometimes as a result of human trafficking. The government has yet to accede to the Palermo Protocol on Trafficking in Persons and existing programs are not sufficient to address the scope of child labor in all relevant sectors. In addition, information on children's work is extremely limited, as there has never been a national child labor survey or similar research conducted in the country.

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