Artisanal Gold Mining


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Pilares: Building the Capacity of Civil Society to Combat Child Labor and Improve Working Conditions in Colombia

This project will build the capacity of civil society organizations to more effectively detect and combat child labor and unacceptable working conditions in artisanal and small-scale mines in Colombia. It will form networks of civil society organizations and empower local communities to build a grassroots movement to improve working conditions and reduce the risk that children will be used in this harmful work.

Colombia PACT $2,500,000 12/15/2017 12/15/2021

CARING Gold Mining Project

Ghana, Global, Philippines International Labor Organization (ILO) $5,000,000 12/11/2015 03/10/2020

Reducing Child Labor through Education and Service (R-CLES)

The project will reduce the overall number of children engaged in exploitative child labor in artisanal gold mines and cotton fields of Burkina Faso. In the three targeted regions, the project will provide services to promote children’s ability to access educational opportunities and awareness of the long term benefits of schooling. The project will also assist households in meeting their livelihood needs in order to reduce their reliance on child labor.

Burkina Faso Counterpart International $5,000,000 12/27/2012 07/31/2017
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