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Civil Rights Center
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External Enforcement

The Civil Rights Center's Office of External Enforcement (OEE) and Office of Compliance Assistance and Policy(OCAP) are responsible for enforcing the following statutes:

And for administering or enforcing the following executive orders:

  • Executive Order 13160 (pdf) Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Race, Sex, Color, National Origin, Disability, Religion, Age, Sexual Orientation, and Status as a Parent in Federally Conducted Education and Training Programs
  • Executive Order 13166 (pdf) Improving Access to Services for Persons With Limited English Proficiency

The Office of External Enforcement (OEE) processes complaints alleging discrimination and/or violations of equal opportunity requirements by:

  • recipients of financial assistance under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • One-Stop Center partners listed in WIA Section 121(b) that offer programs or activities through the American Job Center system
  • any other recipients of financial assistance from DOL itself

Also, for disability-related issues only, OEE processes complaints against State and local governments and other public entities, whether or not they receive Federal financial assistance.

File a Complaint with the Office of External Enforcement

The Office of Compliance Assistance and Policy(OCAP) conducts compliance reviews of the same recipients, partners, and programs listed above. The reviews conducted by OCAP include reviews of the Methods of Administration (MOA) nondiscrimination plans that all Governors are required to prepare, submit, and follow. OCAP also develops regulations, and provides training and compliance assistance for internal and external stakeholders and other interested parties, related to the laws CRC administers that are applicable to external entities. The training and technical assistance is provided in a number of ways, including partnering with other DOL agencies to produce guidance documents and other tools.

Training and Compliance Assistance

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