• Labor Day 2014

    Secretary Perez on the Road

    Leading up to Labor Day, Secretary Perez traveled across the country to talk with Americans about how we can help more people succeed in the workplace and at home. Here's a recap of his Opportunity Tour.

  • Find Your Path

    Grow Your Skills

    Federally-funded programs in your community are ready to train Americans with the skills employers need to fill jobs right now. Explore the possibilities, and find your path.

  • Justin New

    It's Time For $10.10

    Workers, business owners and community leaders share why they think it's time to raise the federal minimum wage.

  • Oftentimes the longer you're out of a job, the harder it is to find one. These men and women want nothing more than the opportunity to work. #RenewUI

    We're not quitting

    Meet the faces of the long-term unemployed and read how progress has been made, but there is more work to do to help millions of Americans get back to work.

  • Learn About the Labor Department

    Learn About the Department

    Break through the jargon and acronyms and discover how DOL works for you.

    This month: VEVRAA, WIOA, X-Ray, YouthBuild, and Zone Status.

  • Books that shaped work in America

    The list keeps growing!

    What books shaped your view of work, workplaces and workers? Tell us!


Latinos Should Lead on Paid Leave

Latinos Should Lead on Paid Leave

Too few Latino workers have access to paid leave...

Guess Who's Leading on Paid Leave?

Guess Who's Leading on Paid Leave?

The United States is the only industrialized nation without a national paid leave law of any kind...

Want to save over 3 Billion dollars this week?

Want to save over 3 Billion dollars this week?

Workplace deaths are almost always preventable...

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