• Find Your Path

    Grow Your Skills

    Federally-funded programs in your community are ready to train Americans with the skills employers need to fill jobs right now. Explore the possibilities, and find your path.

  • Justin New

    It's Time For $10.10

    Workers, business owners and community leaders share why they think it's time to raise the federal minimum wage.

  • Oftentimes the longer you're out of a job, the harder it is to find one. These men and women want nothing more than the opportunity to work. #RenewUI

    I'm Not Invisible

    Meet the faces of the long-term unemployed and read Labor Secretary Tom Perez's thoughts on extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

  • Learn About the Labor Department

    Learn About the Department

    Break through the jargon and acronyms and discover how DOL works for you.

    This month: Silica, TAACCCT, and USERRA.

  • Need summer reading ideas?

    Titles for Your Beach Bag...

    The "Books that Shaped Work in America" list is a perfect departure point for your literary travels this summer.


Worker with basket of goods.

The "Hot Goods" Provision

We protect workers and law-abiding employers by halting the shipment of goods made in violation of the law...

Disability Rights: Civil Rights

Disability Rights = Civil Rights

The Americans with Disabilities Act enlarges our ideals of equality, and was modeled on the Civil Rights Act...

50 Years of Job Corps

50 Years of Job Corps

Fifty years ago, President Johnson launched Job Corps and other programs aimed at providing opportunity...

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