• FY 2016 Budget.

    Protecting Your Savings

    When you've worked hard to build up a retirement nest egg, you've earned the right to sound advice. You deserve to know that your adviser is working for you.

  • Adding Inequality to Injury

    Adding Inequality to Injury

    The financial and social impacts of workplace injuries are huge, with workers and their families and taxpayer-supported programs paying most of the costs.

  • Secretary Perez discusses apprenticeships.

    Investment in Apprenticeship

    Secretary Perez travels to Philadelphia to announce $100 million in grants to create innovative, high quality apprenticeship programs.

  • Low wage employees riding public transportation to work

    The Facts on the Minimum Wage

    Find out how raising the federal minimum wage would benefit America's workers, businesses and the economy.

  • Find Your Path

    Grow Your Skills

    Federally-funded programs in your community are ready to train Americans with the skills employers need to fill jobs right now. Explore the possibilities, and find your path.

  • Let's Lead On Leave

    Time together is one of our most important family values. Did you know that the United States is the only industrialized nation without any federal paid leave law?

  • Books that shaped work in America

    Through the Lens of Literature

    Our list of Books that Shaped Work in America explores the nation's progress in expanding opportunity for all. Check out the list and enjoy a good book.


On a Ride of Their Own

On a Ride of Their Own

For nearly 500 drivers of one Vegas limousine company improper pay practices left them with earnings below the minimum wage...

Defending the Rights of Workers

Defending the Rights of Workers

Last week, the Labor Department released a report identifying serious labor law enforcement concerns in Honduras...

10 Jobs that Don’t Need a Degree

10 Jobs that Don't Need a Degree

Not all good jobs require college degree. Here are a few that pay well and are projected to grow...

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