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Civil Rights Center
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Civil Rights Centerís Suggestion Box

The Civil Rights Center (CRC) seeks your ideas for improving its efforts to carry out its mission.

This page gives customers, including:

  • DOL employees and applicants for employment; and
  • Individuals who may apply to, participate in, work for, or come into contact with programs and activities that are conducted by or receive financial assistance from DOL, or, under certain circumstances, from other Federal agencies,

an opportunity to submit their thoughts about what's going well as well as potential areas of improvement.

To ensure customers feel comfortable offering their ideas, all submissions made to the Electronic Suggestion Box are anonymous. Anonymous complaints are also accepted, although remaining anonymous may hinder an investigation. In addition, the suggestion box does not constitute contact with an EEO Counselor for purposes of filing an EEO complaint.

Please follow these rules when sharing your suggestions:

a. Be respectful

Everyone has valuable ideas to share. Please be respectful of your colleagues and avoid using inappropriate language when interacting on the site. For DOL employees, please see DLMS 9-900 for the Department’s policy on appropriate use of IT.

b. Stay on topic

Please make sure the suggestions and comments you submit are relevant to the mission and activities of the CRC.

c. Be creative

One purpose of this effort is to collect new ideas that might not otherwise reach CRC leadership. Please take this opportunity to share suggestions that are "outside the box" and based on your own unique perspective.

Your suggestions should follow these simple guidelines:

  • Suggestions are expected to be well thought out and presented in a professional manner.
  • When problems are outlined in a suggestion, please include any recommendations for resolution.
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