For U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to be a recognized leader in the federal government in using data and evidence to make strategic decisions.


The Performance Management Center leads the Department of Labor's results-driven management through strategic planning, continuous process improvement, and performance reporting associated with the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010.


Performance Management

Strategic Planning: Manage DOL's strategic planning process and agency-level operating plans

  • Departmental vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and goal-setting
  • Agency-level operating plan support and consultation
  • Agency Priority Goals

Performance Reporting: Lead Departmental reviews and public reporting to promote analysis, problem solving, risk management, and accountability

  • Effective use of performance measures and milestones, including benchmarking cross-cutting measures
  • Leading Strategic Reviews and Quarterly Operating Plan Reviews (QOPR)
  • Producing the Annual Performance Reports (APR) and contributing to the Congressional Budget Justification

Performance Community of Practice: Promote the use of data and evidence to manage programs and make decisions

  • Participate in government-wide Performance Improvement Council (PIC)
  • Build performance management capabilities at DOL through leadership of and interaction with the interagency Performance Management Group (PMG)

Continuous Process Improvement — Lean Six Sigma

Business Process Re-engineering: Direct customized process improvement consulting projects

  • Lead long-term (6-month) process improvement projects
  • Facilitate short-term (1 day to 1 month) improvement events to improve operational efficiency and quality
  • Conduct risk analysis to detect and mitigate potential process flaws

Capability-Building: Grow the cadre of practitioners with process improvement skills

  • Provide Lean Six Sigma training and mentoring
  • Foster culture change through education on process improvement tools and techniques

Consulting Services

Program and Project Management: Support agencies in designing and executing operational improvements

  • Facilitate the development of project charters, project scope definition, and project timeline development
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and communication planning
  • Provide coaching and technical assistance for agency staff tasked with project management

Data Analytics: Analytical and statistical services to assist agencies in program design and development

  • Leverage administrative data to assist senior leaders in making better business decisions
  • Participate in projects in partnership with the Chief Evaluation Office's Data Analytics Unit
  • Conduct training and technical assistance for agency analysts in the use of data systems (SPSS/STATA)

Facilitation of Agency-Level Planning: Provide third-party facilitation of strategic planning, operations planning, or brainstorming activities.