A selected bibliography of materials in the Wirtz Labor Library Collection

Willard Wirtz

Willard Wirtz served as
Secretary of Labor under
President John F. Kennedy and
President Lyndon B. Johnson.


Selected Materials from the Department of Labor Library

Wirtz, Willard
Addresses, Statements, etc. of the Secretary of Labor /Willard Wirtz
[Washington,D.C.]: U.S. Dept. of Labor, 1963-1967.

Labor and the Public Interest
New York. Harper & Row, 1964.

The Boundless Resource
Washington, D.C. New Republic Book Company, 1975.

Wirtz, Willard
A Critical Look at the Measuring of Work
Washington, D.C. National Manpower Institute, August 1975.

Wirtz, Willard
Capon Valley Sampler: Sketches of Appalachia from George Washington to Caudy Davis.
New York. Bartleby Press, 1990.

Other works by or about Secretary Wirtz

Viola, Carol
A Rhetorical Analysis of Selected Oratory of W. Willard Wirtz
Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 1965.

U.S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Welfare
Nominations: Hearing before the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare.
87th Congress.1rst sess.1961.

Wirtz, Willard
Architects of Change: A Fable
[Philadelphia?: The Institute, 1971.]

Wirtz, Willard
Bringing the World of Work and the Institutions of Education Closer Together
Columbus : Center for Vocational Education, Ohio State University, [1977?].

Wirtz, Willard
What Shall We Do about Declining Test Scores?
Washington, D.C. American Association for Higher Education, 1978.

Wirtz, Willard
Labor and the Public Interest
New York. Harper & Row, [1964].