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Office of Labor-Management Standards
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Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)

Organizational Chart

Org Chart

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- Michael J. Hayes

Deputy Director, OLMS
  - Andrew Auerbach

Division of Enforcement
 - Patricia Fox, Chief

Division of Interpretations and Standards
  - Andrew R. Davis, Chief

Division of Planning, Management and Technology
- Deborah M. Becker, Chief

Office of Program Operations
  - Lorenzo D. Harrison,

Division of Reports, Disclosure & Audits
     - Larry King, Chief

Division of Statutory Programs
  - Ann Comer, Chief


Office of Field Operations
 - Stephen J. Willertz, Director


Northeastern Region
Peter Papinchak, Regional Director
Boston-Buffalo Office
New York Office
Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Office

Southern Region
Daniel Cherry
Regional Director
Atlanta-Nashville Office
Dallas-New Orleans Office
Washington Office

Central Region
Dan LaFond, Regional Director

Chicago Office
Cincinnati-Cleveland Office
Detroit-Milwaukee Office

Western Region
Jena de Mers Raney
Regional Director
Denver-St. Louis Office
Los Angeles Office
San Francisco-Seattle Office





Last Updated: 2-27-15