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NPRM on religious liberty protections to participants in federally-funded job training programs

US Labor Department proposes rule extending religious liberty protections to participants in federally-funded job training, social service programs.

New release of Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL)

WIOA Section 188 Regulations Published

The Department issued implementing regulations (29 CFR part 38) for Section 188 of WIOA by making technical changes only to its existing regulation implementing WIA, i.e., (1) replicating at part 38 the rule from part 37 (and updating section numbers in the text of the regulation to reflect its new location in part 38), and (2) replacing references to the "Workforce Investment Act of 1998" or "WIA" with "Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act" or "WIOA" to reflect the proper statutory authority. No other regulatory changes were made at this time and, as such, the regulations do not reflect developments in equal opportunity and nondiscrimination jurisprudence, changes in the practices of recipients and beneficiaries since 1999 (for example, the routine use of computer- and internet-based systems), and changes in the Department's enforcement procedures and processes. Therefore, the Department plans to publish a NPRM, with a request for comments, to reflect such developments and changes. The final rule will apply during the period between July 22, 2015, and issuance of a final rule based on the upcoming NPRM.

New release: Section 188 Disability Reference Guide

Promising Practices in Achieving Universal Access and Equal Opportunity: A Section 188 Disability Reference Guide provides updated information and technical assistance to help American Job Centers/One-Stops meet the nondiscrimination and accessibility requirements for individuals with disabilities in Section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act and its implementing regulations.

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