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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Wage and Hour Key Program Personnel

Office of the Administrator

Cheryl M. Stanton
(202) 693-0051

Keith Sonderling
Deputy Administrator
(202) 693-0051

Michael Stojsavljevich
Chief of Staff
(202) 693-0051

Bradford Kelley
Senior Policy Advisor
(202) 693-0051

David McFadden
Senior Policy Advisor
(202) 693-0051

Patricia Davidson
Deputy Administrator for Program Operations
(202) 693-0051

Mary Ziegler
Assistant Administrator for Policy
(202) 693-0051

Mark Watson
Acting Assistant Administrator for Government Contracts
(202) 693-0051

Sara Johnson
Acting Assistant Administrator for Planning, Performance Evaluation and Communications
(202) 693-0051

Rachel Torres
Assistant Administrator for Administrative Operations
(202) 693-0051

Office of Policy
Mary Ziegler – Assistant Administrator

Monty Navarro
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy

Division of Regulations, Legislation and Interpretation
Amy DeBisschop, Acting Director
(202) 693-0051

Derrick J. Witherspoon, Branch Chief
Branch of FLSA and Child Labor
(202) 693-0067

Jennifer Amore, Branch Chief
Branch of Immigration
(202) 693-0071
Branch of Farm Labor
(202) 693-0070

Helen M. Applewhaite, Branch Chief
Branch of FMLA and Other Acts
(202) 693-0066

Office of Government Contracts
Mark Watson– Acting Assistant Administrator

Branch of Government Contract Enforcement
Michele King, Director
Government Contracts Enforcement
(202) 693-0574

Division of Wage Determinations
Daniel Simms, Director

Olivia Jones, Branch Chief
Branch of Service Contract Act (SCA), Wage Determinations
(202) 693-0932

Miriam Marte, Section Chief
Service Contract Act (SCA), Wage Determinations
(202) 693-0602

RhonTia Thomas Johnson, Acting Branch Chief
Branch of Construction Wage Determinations
(202) 693-1004

Vacant, Branch Chief
Davis Bacon Wage Determinations Branch
(202) 693-0158


Office of Program Operations
Patricia Davidson – Deputy Administrator

WHD Regional Offices

Northeast Regional Office
The Curtis Center, Ste. 850 West
170 S. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106-3317
James Kolpack, Acting Regional Administrator
(215) 861-5800

Southeast Regional Office
61 Forsyth Street SW, Room 7M40
Atlanta, GA 30303
Juan Coria, Regional Administrator
(678) 237-0480

Midwest Regional Office
230 S. Dearborn Street, Room 530
Chicago, Illinois 60604-1757
Michael Lazzeri, Regional Administrator
(312) 596-7180

Southwest Regional Office
525 S. Griffin Street, Suite 800
Dallas, Texas 75202
Betty Campbell, Regional Administrator
(972) 850-2600

Western Regional Office
90 7th Street, Suite 13-100
San Francisco, CA 94103-6714
Ruben Rosalez, Regional Administrator
(415) 625-7700

Division of Enforcement Strategy and Support
Erin DeByl, Director
(202) 693-0051

Office of Planning, Performance, Evaluation and Communications
Sara Johnson– Acting Assistant Administrator

Division of Strategic Planning and Performance
Scott Hecker, Acting Director
(202) 693-0051

Division of Communications
Michael Kravitz, Director
(202) 693-0051

Office of Administrative Operations
Rachel Torres, Assistant Administrator

Valerie Swanson
Business Operations Branch Chief
(202) 693-1178

Bonnie Barnish
Training and Education Branch Chief

Karen Gaskin
Financial Management Branch Chief

Genise Coleman
Document Management Branch Chief
(202) 693-0612

Thomas Flagg
Director, Division of Information Technology
(202) 693-0051