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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

99720 Vending Machine Attendant

Receives items from food and retail facilities or from immediate supervisor, and delivers items to vending machines. Removes aged food or other merchandise from machines, as required by established procedures. Replenishes machines, and makes appropriate notations on required records. Gives locked money boxes to supervisor or designated cashier. Inspects machines frequently to ensure that they are adequately stocked, in good working order, and are in a sanitary condition. Monitors brands and prices to ensure compliance with contract terms when vending services are provided on a contract basis. Notifies supervisor of any discrepancies observed. Accompanies concessionaires to make spot checks of collections. Tests operation of machines by inserting coins to determine if items are being dispensed properly and correct change is being returned. After testing, products obtained are placed back into the machines. Cleans interiors and exteriors of machines, using appropriate cleaning solutions; and cleans areas adjacent to machines including snack tables. Spot-checks machines visually to determine if any units are out of order. Notifies repairmen or immediate supervisor and places "out-of-order" sign on malfunctioning machines. May assist in the preparation of vending items, such as sandwiches, gelatin, and salads. May replenish vending areas with napkins, condiments, paper cup lids, etc. May open crates, cartons or boxes. May keep stockroom area in clean and orderly condition, and adhere to sanitation, safety, and security procedures.