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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

31010 Airplane Pilot

Pilots airplane to transport passengers, mail, and freight, or for other purposes such as crop dustings; spraying fields with seeds, fertilizers, or pesticides; photographing areas of the earth's surface for mapping and other photogrammetric purposes; dropping cargo, fire retardant, and smoke jumpers. Reviews ship's papers to ascertain factors, such as load weight, fuel supply, weather conditions, flight route, and schedule. Orders changes in fuel supply, load, route, or schedule to insure safety of flight. Reads gauges to verify that oil, hydraulic fluid, fuel quantities, and cabin pressure are at prescribed levels prior to starting engines. Starts engines and taxies airplane to runway. Sets brakes, and accelerates engines to verify operational readiness of components, such as superchargers, carburetor-heaters, and controls. Contacts control tower by radio to obtain takeoff clearance and instructions. Releases brakes and moves throttles and hand and foot controls to take off and control airplane in flight. Pilots airplane to destination adhering to flight plan and regulations and procedures of Federal Government, company and airport. Logs information, such as time in flight, altitude flown, and fuel consumed. Must hold Commercial Pilot's Certificate issued by Federal Aviation Administration. May instruct students or pilots in operation of aircraft. May pilot airplane over pipelines, train tracks, and communications systems to detect and radio location and nature of damage. May pilot helicopters or single, twin, and multi-engine planes.