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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

29621 Weather Observer, Combined Upper Air & Surface Programs (Meteorological Technician)

Takes, records and disseminates rawinsonde and surface observations, and completes forms in accordance with Federal Meteorological Handbooks and instructions provided by the National Weather Service as follows: (1) Prepares balloon, radiosonde and ground equipment for flight, performing pre-release checks and monthly optical comparative flights to ensure proper calibration of equipment; (2) Makes surface observations periodically and as required, special and local observations. Documents rawinsonde observation of atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and wind direction and speeds aloft, using automatic methods. Obtains data of cloud height, wind atmospheric transmissivity, pressure and precipitation from autographic records. Performs rawinsonde observations, utilizing semi-automatic methods when automatic radiotheodolite equipment fails, and observes, evaluates and codes flight data. Performs prescribed quality control checks, and notifies personnel of problem areas. Disseminates observations by National Weather Service/Federal Aviation Administration approved systems. Federal Aviation Administration Contract Weather Observers do not perform upper air soundings.

For wage study purposes, workers concerned only with upper air observation programs may be classified as follows:

29622 Weather Observer, Upper Air