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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

29492 Unexploded Ordanance (UXO) Technician II

Perform: reconnaissance and classification of UXO; identification of U.S. and foreign guided missiles; bombs and bomb fuzes; projectiles and projectile fuzes; grenades and grenades fuzes rockets and rocket fuzes; land mines and associated components; pyrotechnics; military explosives and demolition materials.
Locate subsurface UXO using military and/or civilian magnetometers. Perform excavation procedures on buried UXO by manual means; mechanical means. Perform operator maintenance of military and/or civilian magnetometers. Locate surface UXO using visual mean. Operate motor vehicle transporting UXO. Prepare an on-site safe holding area for UXO. Perform storage of UXO and demolition materials. Prepare an UXO disposal site. Prepare non-electric firing system for an UXO disposal operation; electric firing system for an UXO disposal operation; a detonating cord firing system. Dispose of UXO/explosives by burning; detonation. Operate a personnel decontamination station. Don and doff appropriate personal protective equipment in contaminated areas.
Inspect salvage UXO-related material. Erect UXO-related protective works. Determine a magnetic azimuth using a lensatic compass. Perform field expedient identification procedures to ID explosive-contaminated soil. Perform emergency leak seal and packaging of chemical warfare material. Use radiographic (x-ray) equipment.