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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

29210 Laboratory Technician (Laboratory Tester)

Performs laboratory tests according to prescribed standards to determine chemical and physical characteristics or composition of solid, liquid, or gaseous materials and substances for purposes such as quality control, process control, product development, or determining conformity to specifications. Sets up and adjusts laboratory apparatus and operates grinders, agitators, centrifuges, ovens, condensers, and vibrating screens to prepare material for testing according to established laboratory procedure. Performs physical tests on samples of cement or raw materials and controls quality of materials and mix during manufacturing process. Tests raw materials, such as aggregate, limestone, and sand, for such qualities as permeability, load-bearing capacity, or cohesiveness. Tests dry and liquid substances used as ingredients in adhesives, propellants, lubricants, refractories, synthetic rubber, paint, paper, and other compounds for purity, viscosity, density, absorption or burning rate, melting point, or flash point, using viscosimeter, torsion balance scale, and pH meter. Tests solutions used in processes, such as anodizing, waterproofing, cleaning, bleaching, and pickling, for chemical strength, specific gravity, or other specifications. Tests materials for presence and content of elements or substances, such as hydrocarbons, manganese, natural grease or impurities, tungsten, sulfur, cyanide, ash or dust. Tests samples of manufactured products, such as cellophane or glassware, to verify conformity with heat resistance, tensile strength, ductibility, and other specifications. Examines materials, using microscope. Records test results on standard forms, writes test reports describing procedures used, and prepares graphs and charts. Cleans and sterilizes laboratory apparatus. May prepare chemical solutions according to standard formulae. May add chemicals or raw materials to process solutions or product batches to correct deviations from specifications.