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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

29061 Drafter I

Prepares drawings of simple, easily visualized structures, systems, parts or equipment from sketches or marked-up prints. Selects appropriate templates or uses a compass and other equipment needed to complete assignments. Drawings fit familiar patterns and present few technical problems. Supervisor provides detailed instructions on new assignments, gives guidance when questions arise, and reviews completed work for accuracy.

Typical assignments include:

  • From marked-up prints, revises the original drawings of a plumbing system by increasing pipe diameters.
  • From sketches, draws building floor plans, determining size, spacing and arrangement of freehand lettering according to scale.
  • Draws simple land profiles from predetermined structural dimensions and reduced survey notes.
  • Traces river basin maps and enters symbols to denote stream sampling locations, municipal and industrial waste discharges, and water supplies.