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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

29000 Technical Occupations

This category includes occupations concerned with providing technical assistance to engineers and scientists in both laboratory and production activities as well as occupations concerned with independently operating and servicing technical equipment and systems. Characteristic of occupations in this category is the requirements for a knowledge of scientific, engineering, and mathematical theories, principles and techniques that is less than full professional knowledge but which nevertheless enables the technician to understand how and why a specific device or system operates.

The technician solves practical problems encountered in fields of specialization, such as those concerned with development of electrical and electronic circuits, and establishment of testing methods for electrical, electronic, electromechanical, and hydromechanical devices and mechanisms; application of engineering principles in solving design , development, and modification problems of parts or assemblies for products or systems; and application of natural and physical science principles to basic or applied research problems in fields, such as metallurgy, chemistry, and physics. May perform technical procedures and related activities independently.

Workers with the title of Technician who are concerned primarily with maintenance and repair are classified with Mechanics and Maintenance and Repair Occupations.

29010 Air Traffic Control Specialist, Center

29011 Air Traffic Control Specialist, Station

29012 Air Traffic Control Specialist, Terminal

29023 Archeological Technician I

29024 Archeological Technician II

29025 Archeological Technician III

29030 Cartographic Technician

29035 Computer Based Training (CBT) Specialist/Instructor

29040 Civil Engineering Technician

29061 Drafter I

29062 Drafter II

29063 Drafter III

29064 Drafter IV

29081 Engineering Technician I

29082 Engineering Technician II

29083 Engineering Technician III

29084 Engineering Technician IV

29085 Engineering Technician V

29086 Engineering Technician VI

29090 Environmental Technician

29100 Flight Simulator/Instructor (Pilot)

29150 Graphic Artist

29160 Instructor

29210 Laboratory Technician (Laboratory Tester)

29240 Mathematical Technician

29390 Photo-Optics Technician

29480 Technical Writer

29490 Unexploded Ordnance Technician

29620 Weather Observer, Senior

29621 Weather Observer, Combined Upper Air and Surface Programs

29360 Paralegal/Legal Assistant

29361 Paralegal/Legal Assistant I

29362 Paralegal/Legal Assistant II

29363 Paralegal/Legal Assistant III

29364 Paralegal Specialist IV