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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

24580 Child Care Center Clerk

Performs clerical and administrative support duties in child care center that provides dependent care and preschool programs. Enrolls children in day care and preschool programs. Assists parents in completing enrollment forms. Receives and confirms reservations by telephone. Assigns children to rooms. Ensures space is available for regular and hourly patrons. Greets patrons and helps children make transition to center environment. Remains alert to detect early signs of distress, abnormal behavior, or suspected illnesses or diseases in children. Keeps enrollment records. Ensures that enrollment forms including immunization records are updated, as necessary. Compiles hourly and daily registration reports. Compiles records of children who will be present for meals and snacks. Advises cook of meal requests. Updates reservation records. Labels children's belongings. Ensures that parents fill out daily information or medication forms, if needed. Collects fees for all aspects of center operation. Calculates and posts all changes to patron's accounts, and balances total with control records. Prepares and safeguards cash receipts in accordance with applicable directives; prepares daily cashier's report per office guidelines. Prepares daily activity report and, as required, a consolidated activity report. Keeps daily attendance report. Orders and distributes supplies, and arranges meetings. Makes appointments for director or other staff members. Greets and screens callers who contact the center either in person or by telephone and answers questions concerning such matters as fees and tuition. Computes staff/child ratios and advises director when additional staff are needed. Maintains lounge and work area in a clean and orderly manner. Contacts parents when a child becomes ill or injured. Informs parents of incidents and prepares incident reports for parents' signatures. May open center in the morning and close it at night. May serve as Child Care Attendant.