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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

23060 Aircraft Servicer (Airport Utility Worker)

Services aircraft, performing any combination of the following tasks. Directs incoming and outgoing aircraft near terminal area to assist pilot’s maneuvering of the aircraft on ground, using hand or light signals or drives light truck With guiding sign. Secures aircraft in parking position with blocks and stakes. Operates service vehicles to replenish fuel, oil, water, waste system chemicals, oxygen, hydraulic fluid, and to remove waste. Checks for fuel contamination by draining sumps and fuel drains. Operates ground support equipment such as electrical power supply and engine starting units. Examines tires for specified air pressure and condition. Removes and replaces defective tires. Positions and removes boarding platforms to unload or load aircraft passengers. Unloads and loads luggage, mail, freight, and other cargo, using tow truck with luggage carts. Cleans exterior or interior of aircraft, using portable platform ladders, brushes, rags, water hose, and vacuum. May deice aircraft wings and assemblies, using glycol mixture. May load and unload containers of food, beverages, and dishes for in-flight meal services. May trace lost luggage for customers and prepare lost baggage claims. May install drag chutes or retrieve them and send them to parachute shop for re-packing.