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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

23000 Mechanics And Maintenance And Repair Occupations

This category includes occupations concerned with maintaining and repairing buildings, grounds, and related facilities; and with installing, repairing, rebuilding, and maintaining in efficient operating condition a wide variety of engines and mechanical equipment designed for use in domestics, commercial, industrial, and agricultural activites.

23010 Aircraft Mechanic (Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic)

23040 Aircraft Mechanic Helper (Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic Helper)

23050 Aircraft Quality Control Inspector

23060 Aircraft Service (Aircraft Utility Worker)

23070 Aircraft Worker

23100 Appliance Mechanic

23120 Bicycle Repairer

23125 Cable Splicer

23130 Carpenter, Maintenance

23140 Carpet Layer

23160 Electrician, Maintenance

23181 Electronics Technician, Maintenance I

23182 Electronics Technician, Maintenance II

23183 Electronics Technician, Maintenance III

23210 Elevator Repairer

23220 Elevator Repairer Helper

23230 Elevator Repairer Helper, Probationary

23260 Fabric Worker

23290 Fire Alarm Systems Mechanic

23310 Fire Extinguisher Repairer

23340 Fuel Distribution System Mechanic

23370 General Maintenance Worker

23400 Heating, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Mechanic

23430 Heavy Equipment Mechanic

23440 Heavy Equipment Operator

23460 Instrument Mechanic

23470 Laborer

23500 Locksmith

23530 Machinery Maintenance Mechanic

23550 Machinist, Maintenance

23580 Maintenance Trades Helper

23640 Millwright

23700 Office Appliance Repairer

23740 Painter, Aircraft

23760 Painter, Maintenance

23790 Pipefitter, Maintenance

23800 Plumber, Maintenance

23820 Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic

23850 Rigger

23870 Scale Mechanic

23890 Sheet-metal Worker, Maintenance

23910 Small Engine Mechanic

23930 Telecommunications Mechanic I

23931 Telecommunications Mechanic II

23950 Telephone Lineman

23960 Welder, Combination, Maintenance

23965 Well Driller

23970 Woodcraft Worker

23980 Woodworker