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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

21040 Material Handling Laborer

Performs physical tasks to transport or store materials or merchandise. Duties involve one or more of the following: Manually loading or unloading freight cars, trucks, or other transporting devices; unpacking, shelving, or placing items in proper storage locations; or transporting goods by hand truck, cart, or wheelbarrow.

Excluded from this definition are workers whose primary function involves:

  1. Participating directly in the production of goods (e.g., moving items from one production station to another or placing them on or removing them from the production process);
  2. Stocking merchandise for sale;
  3. Counting or routing merchandise;
  4. Operating a crane or heavy-duty motorized vehicle such as forklift or truck;
  5. Loading and unloading ships (longshore workers);
  6. Traveling on trucks beyond the establishment's physical location to load or unload merchandise.