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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

19010 Machine-Tool Operator (Toolroom)

Specializes in operating one or more than one type of machine tool (e.g., jig borer, grinding machine, engine lathe, milling machine) to machine metal for use in making or maintaining jigs, fixtures, cutting tools, gauges, or metal dies or molds used in shaping or forming metal or nonmetallic material (e.g., plastic, plaster, rubber, glass). Work typically involves: Planning and performing difficult machining operations which require complicated setups or a high degree of accuracy; setting up machine tool or tools (e.g., installing cutting tools and adjusting guides, stops, working tables, and other controls to handle the size of stock to be machined; determining proper feeds, speeds, tooling, and operation sequence or selecting those prescribed in drawings, blueprints, or layouts); using a variety of precision measuring instruments; and making necessary adjustments during machining operation to achieve requisite dimensions to very close tolerances. May be required to select proper coolants and cutting and lubricating oils, to recognize when tools need dressing, and to dress tools. In general, the work of a Machine-Tool Operator (Toolroom) at the skill level called for in this classification requires extensive knowledge of machine-shop and toolroom practice usually acquired though considerable on-the-job training and experience.