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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

13075 Photographer V

As a top technical expert, exercises imagination and creative ability in response to photography situations requiring novel and unprecedented treatment. Typically performs one or more of the following assignments: (1) develops and adapts photographic equipment or processes to meet new and unprecedented situations, e.g., works with engineers and physicists to develop and modify equipment for use in extreme conditions such as excessive heat or cold, radiation, high altitude, under water, wind and pressure tunnels, or explosions; (2) plans and organizes the overall technical photographic coverage for a variety of events and developments in phases of a scientific, industrial, medical, or research project; or (3) creates desired illusions or emotional effects by developing trick or special effects photography for novel situations requiring a high degree of ingenuity and imaginative camera work to heighten, simulate, or alter reality.

Independently develops, plans, and organizes the overall technical photographic aspects of assignments in collaboration with operating officials who are responsible for project substance. Uses imagination and creative ability to implement objectives within the capabilities and limitations of cameras and equipment. May exercise limited control over the substance of events to be photographed by staging actions, suggesting behavior of the principals, and rehearsing activities before photographs are taken.