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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

13074 Photographer IV

Uses special-purpose cameras and related equipment for assignments in which the photographer usually makes all the technical decisions, although the objective of the pictures is determined by operating officials. Conceives and plans the technical photographic effects desired by operating officials and discusses modifications and improvements to their original ideas in light of the potential and limits of the equipment. Improvises photographic methods and techniques or selects and alters secondary photographic features (e.g., scenes, backgrounds, colors, lighting). Many assignments afford only one opportunity to photograph the subject. Typical examples of equipment used at this level include ultra-high speed, motion picture production, studio television, animation cameras, specialized still and graphic cameras, electronic timing and triggering devices, etc.

Some assignments are characterized by extremes in light values and the use of complicated equipment. Sets up precise photographic measurement and control equipment; uses high speed color photography, synchronized stroboscopic (interval) light sources, and/or timed electronic triggering; operates equipment from a remote point; or arranges and uses cameras operating at several thousand frames per second. In other assignments, selects and sets up motion picture or television cameras and accessories and shoots a part of a production or a sequence of scenes, or takes special scenes to be used for background or special effects in the production.

Works under guidelines and requirements of the subject-matter area to be photographed. Consults with supervisors only when dealing with highly unusual problems or altering existing equipment.