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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

13073 Photographer III

Selects from a range of standard photographic equipment for assignments demanding exact renditions, normally without opportunity for later retakes, when there are specific problems or uncertainties concerning lighting, exposure time, color, artistry, etc. Discusses technical requirements with operating officials or supervisor and customizes treatment for each situation according to a detailed request. Varies camera processes and techniques and uses the setting and background to produce esthetics, as well as accurate and informative, pictures. Typically, standard equipment is used at this level although "specialized" photography usually is performed; may use some special-purpose equipment under closer supervision.

In typical assignments, photographs: (1) drawings, charts, maps, textiles, etc., requiring accurate computation of reduction ratios and exposure times and precise equipment adjustments; (2) tissue specimens in fine detail and exact color when color and condition of the tissue may deteriorate rapidly; (3) medical or surgical procedures or conditions which normally cannot be recaptured; (4) machine or motor parts to show wear or corrosion in minute wires or gears; (5) specialized real estate, goods and products for catalogs or listings when salability is enhanced by the photography; (6) work, construction sites, or patrons in prescribed detail to substantiate legal claims, contracts, etc.; (7) artistic or technical design layouts requiring precise equipment settings; and (8) fixed objects on the ground or air-to-air objects which must be captured quickly and require directing the pilot to get the correct angle of approach.

Works independently; solves most problems through consultations with more experienced photographers, if available, or through reference sources.