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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

13043 Illustrator III

The projects to which this worker is assigned usually involve several of the common art media (as in the case of Illustrator II), but the illustrations themselves typically require a higher degree of skill in the use of many of the media. This degree of skill is required because (a) the speed with which the illustration must be completed requires the ability to work quickly and competently in order to produce an acceptable finished product within the available time limit; (b) the illustration calls for the use of fine detail, special artistic effects, or an unusual use of the chosen medium; or (c) the method of reproduction, the use to which the illustration is to be put, or the information or artistic results desired calls for exceptional care and skill in the use of the medium.

The themes illustrated may be either concrete in nature or they may represent ideas and abstract concepts. The illustrations differ from those typical of Illustrator II in that they are expected to interpret the publications, chart, poster, or exhibit in which they appear, while Illustrator II presents factual rather than interpretative material.

Illustrator III is required to have a knowledge of a specialized subject matter field such as medicine, science, or technical equipment. Prepares illustrations that are designed to reproduce the appearance of specific medical or scientific specimens or of pieces of technical equipment.