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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

12314 Registered Nurse III

Plans and performs specialized and advanced nursing assignments of considerable difficulty. Uses expertise in assessing patient conditions and develops nursing plans which serve as a role model for others. Evaluations and observation skills are relied upon by physicians in developing and modifying treatment. Work extends beyond patient care to the evaluation of concepts, procedures, and program effectiveness. Typical assignments include:

Specialist. Provides specialized hospital nursing care to patients having illnesses and injuries that require adaptation of established nursing procedures. Renders expertise in caring for patients who are seriously ill; are not responding to normal treatment; have undergone unique surgical operations; or are receiving infrequently used medication. Duties may require knowledge of special drugs or the ability to provide pulmonary ventilation.

Psychiatric Specialist. Provides nursing expertise on an interdisciplinary treatment team which defines policies and develops total care programs for psychiatric patients.

Practitioner. Provides primary health care and nursing services in clinics, schools, employer health units, or community health organizations. Assesses, diagnoses, and treats minor illnesses and manages chronic health problems. Other services may include: providing primary care for trauma cases, including suturing; planning and conducting a clinic, school or employer health program; or studying and appraising community health services.