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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

12312 Registered Nurse II

Plans and provides comprehensive nursing care in accordance with professional nursing standards. Uses judgment in assessing patient conditions, interprets guidelines, and modifies patient care as necessary. Recognizes and determines proper action for medical emergencies, e.g., calls physician or takes preplanned emergency measures. Typical assignments include:

Staff. In addition to the duties described at Level I, usually performs more complex procedures, such as: administering blood transfusions; managing nasal-pharyngeal, gastric suction, and other drainage tubes; using special equipment such as ventilator devices, resuscitators and hypothermic units; or closely monitoring postoperative and seriously ill patients.

Operating Room. Provides nursing service for surgical operations, including those involving complex and extensive surgical procedures. Confers with surgeons concerning instruments, sutures, prostheses and special equipment; cares for physical and psychological needs of patients; assists in the care and handling of supplies and equipment; assures accurate care and handling of specimens; and assumes responsibility for aseptic technique maintenance and adequacy of supplies during surgery.

Psychiatric. Provides comprehensive nursing care for psychiatric patients. In addition to observing patients, evaluates and records significant behavior and reaction patterns and participates in group therapy sessions.

Health Unit/Clinic. Provides a range of nursing services, including preventive health care counselling. Coordinates health care needs and makes referrals to medical specialists; assesses and treats minor health problems; administers emergency treatment; performs limited portions of physical examinations; manages the stable phases of common chronic illnesses; and provides individual and family counselling.

Community Health. Provides a broad range of nursing services including adult and child health care, chronic and communicable disease control, health teaching, counselling, referrals, and follow-up.